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cba - continuous beam analysis

cbeam_class.cpp - continuous beam solver:

- L vector of span lengths; required, returns false if not supplied
- E double elastic modulus; not necessarily, default=1
- I vector of moments of inertia; not necessarily, default=1
- R vector of constraints def/rot; not necessarily, default=(-1,0)

- LM  load matrix
	every vector of loads has to have the following parts
	LM[i,0] =  number of span to be loaded
	LM[i,1] =  load type: 
		1 - uniformly distributed load
		2 - point load
		3 - partial udl
		4 - moment load
		5 - trapezoidal load
		6 - partial triangular load 
	LM[i,2] =  value of permanent load (can be zero)
	LM[i,3] =  value of live load (can be zero)     
	LM[i,4] =  start for load type 2-4
	LM[i,5] =  length for load type 3
- set the load design factors for permanent/live loads
- solves the continuous beam problem for the given geometry, loads and factors
- returns [7,npts*nf] vector with results along the beam 
	[x   Mmax    Mmin    Vmax    Vmin    dmax    dmin] 
- returns [7,nf] vector with max/min results per span
	[x(Mmax)     Mmax    Mmin    Vmax    Vmin    dmax    dmin] 
- returns [2,nf+1] vector with max/min support reactions
	[Rmax    Rmin]